Vice President R&D

Klogene Therapeutics seeks a highly motivated R&D leader with experience in CNS drug development. This is an ideal position for candidates who would be excited to participate in building a biotech company from the start. The company’s unique intellectual property is being licensed from academic research labs. Please send CV's to

  • Lead the company’s research and development activities
  • Work with academic founders who are staying in academia on technology transfer and future plans
  • Attract talented and motivated team
  • Manage work with external labs and CROs
  • Build work plan and budget
  • Take the project from compound optimization to Phase I clinical trials
  • Drug development experience at senior levels, preferably with small molecules
  • Neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biology or medicinal chemistry background
  • PhD or MD, or MD/PhD
  • Prior VP R&D experience is a plus but not required
  • Integrity, transparency, ability to work with academic founders, CEO and Board of Directors
  • Leadership, motivational, management skills
  • Credible with potential investors

Research Associate in Molecular/Cellular Biology

Klogene Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated Research Assistant or Research Associate to perform experiments for assessing activity of small molecule compounds in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo. This is an ideal position for an individual with a strong background in molecular and cellular biology, who thrives in a fast-paced biotech start-up environment and enjoys work at the bench. Primary responsibilities include design and execution of in vitro molecular, biochemical and cell biology experiments, such as cell and tissue-based assays, performing immunohistochemistry studies using human/animal tissue, as well as data analysis. The successful candidate will be able to design and implement improvements to the techniques used and apply novel developments in the field. Please send CV's to

  • Isolate and maintain neural primary cell cultures as well as prepare co-cultures
  • Work with in vivo models
  • Perform ELISA based assays
  • Perform DNA cloning, plasmid purification, characterization (restriction endonuclease digestion and agarose gel electrophoresis) and quantification
  • Conduct PCR and qRT-PCR assays
  • Perform western blots, immunofluorescence, as well as general biochemical and cell culture assays
  • Interact with CROs
  • Keep up-to-date with the scientific literature on methods and applications of assays, and evaluate and implement these methods
  • Bachelor’s in Biochemistry/Cell Biology/Neuroscience or related discipline, M.S. preferred
  • 3+ years of laboratory experience with several publications in major journals
  • Outstanding problem solving skills
  • Ability to be highly productive in a fluid, fast-paced team environment
  • Significant experience with drug discovery and development within a start-up or small biotech environment
  • Successful experience in working with other laboratories and/or CROs
  • Excellent record working in cross-functional therapeutic program teams
  • Knowledge of and expertise in a wide variety of biochemical/molecular biological techniques
  • Background in neurobiology and neurological diseases